Whether carving in wood, bronze, or painting , Doug brings his art to life with exquisite detailing and form.

Numerous individuals and organizations have commissioned Doug to carve unique pieces. These high-profile items are admired not only for their beauty, but also for their translation of an idea into the language of art. Doug uses the natural grain and vibrant colors to accent and define his sculptures, resulting in great depth and originality.


35ft Totem Pole
Terry White family pole for his private home collection, 2011

30ft Totem Pole
Damien Hirst, internationally renowned artist for his art collection, 2008

Human with herons sculpture
Douglas Reynolds Gallery, 10th year Anniversary Show, 2005

Logo Design
Deschutes Gallery, Bend, Oregon, 2003

Raven with frog mask
Fusion: Tradition and Discovery, Published by Spirit Wrestler Gallery, 2003

8’ totem pole
Retiring C.E.O. of Afflink Co., 2002

Bay of Spirits Gallery, Toronto, Ont., 1999

Raven/ human transformation bowl
Gallery of Tribal Art - Show: Tansformation "Unity of Spirits," 1994

Eagle frog mask
Inuit Gallery, “Spirit Faces- Contemporary Masks of the Northwest Coast,” 1994

Sea Ghost Mask
Canadian Embassy in Berlin, Germany, 1993

Thunderbird and whale print
Exhibited at Capilano College, 1992

Dogfish mask
Featured in 60 minutes documentary “The Way of the masks,” C.T.V., 1992


Featured in the book
"The Black Canoe"

The Black Canoe chronicles the development of Bill Reid's monumental sculpture "The Spirit of Haida Gwaii," 1991

photo by Ulli Steltzer


Cedar Doors
Canadian Embassy in Dares Salom, Tanzania, Africa, 1991

Painted Drum
Inuit Gallery - Show: Painted drums of the Norhwest Coast, 1990


Carved Sign
Military Police at C.F.B. Comox, 1989

Doug accepts commissions from both companies and individuals. If you are interested in talking to Doug about his work or inquiring about a project, please CONTACT DOUG